James Zabiela @ Essential Selection Radio 1 - 2006

1. James Zabiela 'Cybus Intro'
2. James Zabiela 'Creative Mind Super Sub Pitch Looptro'
3. Mr Oizo 'HALFANEDIT' (F-Com)
4. Mr Oizo 'Nazis' (F-Com)
5. Riton meets Erol Alkan 'Squaque Eyes' (Linxfarren)
6. Unknown 'Minimal Disco'
7. Deep Dish 'Stay Gold' (Deconstruction)
8. Vincenzo and Steve Ferrand 'Things Like That / Weird Science acapella' (Dessous)
9. Dave DK Hypnotize (Television)
10. Adaptor 'Metero' (Novox Remix) (Rhythmetic)
11. Lee Burridge and Steve Porter 'Dirty Panty Ho Wrestlers' (CDR)
12. Speculum 'Implant' (CDR)
13. James Zabiela 'Weirder Science' (Renaissance)
14. James Zabiela ;Weird Science' (Future Funk Squad Remix) (CDR)
15. Marcello Giordani 'Synthetic Music Part 1' (Shogun)
16. Max Cavalerra 'Expect Nothing' (Mb Selektions)
17. The Speratists 'Shake You Down (Soma)
18. Francois Dubois 'I try' (CDR)
19. Depeche Mode 'John The Revelator' (Tiefschwartz Remix)
20. The Church 'Under The Milkyway' (Mushroom)

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